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If you have a computer question send it to us. We may be able to answer it on this page. We will post new questions and answers on a weekly basis, so check back often. Time and space does not allow us to answer all questions, nor respond privately. Mango endeavours to answer questions that will be of interest to the majority of customers and visitors.

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Question: 28 May 2007


I have been into computers for awhile now, but am still amazed at the number of programs that are available. Everyone has opinions on what is best to use.

I have been following your website for a couple of years and like your simple approach to things. It should would be useful to have a rundown of the software you use.

Thanks In Advance



Hi Dave,

Good idea. Following your suggestion we have created a page showing the programs we use. The following link will take you to the page


Software Used by Mango Computer Tuition

Question:15 June 2007 (this was originally answered in Nov 2006 but the answer has been updated)


Should I upgrade to Windows Vista. I am currently using Windows XP. I am pretty happy with it. I mainly use my computer for email, web surfing, and Microsoft Word. I create the occasional music CD and am just starting with digital photography.




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Question: 31 December 2003   (Answer updated 05 Oct 2007)


I use Outlook Express for my email client. Recently I have received an email from my ISP that my space on the mail server is nearing its maximum allowable size. I have deleted all my old emails and this does not seem to solve the problem.




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Question: 16 April 2003   (Answer updated 06 Oct 2007)


My Question: I am having a serious problem with my mouse. I have an older Pentium computer. Not the fastest, but it does all the things I need it to do. My 4 year old mouse has died. I tried cleaning and all the other things but the mouse is just dead. The problem is that I donít have a USB port or one of those round sockets that the newer mouse fits into. My mouse socket is trapezoid shaped. I bought a mouse with a round shaped plug and an adaptor that would allow it to fit in the trapezoid socket, but this didnít work. Does this mean I have to have a major upgrade to my computer.




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Question: 6 March 2003

My question: Can I  increase the size of my hard drive with out having to reinstall all my software and save all my important files. I have a 4 gig hard drive and would like a lot more space for more information. Do you have any suggestions .

Thank You


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Question: 27 February 2003

I want to buy a web camera, but have a problem. It seems that all the cameras I look at require a USB connection. My computer is an older one and I don't have a USB connection. Does this mean that I need a new computer.  Any help would be appreciated.



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