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RSVP Safety

This is not a comprehensive safety guide, merely an overview. Your safety is your responsibility. We suggest that you study the safety precautions offered in RSVP's website.


RSVP does not screen its members. The profile is created by the individual member and contains whatever information they want. The information is not verified. So it is wise to use caution.

Reading the profile does not mean you "know" the member. It means that you know what the member wants you to know. Nobody is going to write that they are an overbearing brute or a money grabbing phony.

Go slow, stay in control of when and where you meet. Jealously guard the amount and type of personal information you give. Even if you have been emailing for a month the first date is still a first date. You don't really know anything about the person you are meeting. 


It is recommended that you obtain a free email address from Hotmail, G-mail,  Yahoo or one of the other providers of free email addresses. Use this email address for your RSVP correspondence.


Make sure that your profile does not give hints to your full name, address or work locations. 

Avoid saying things that are too specific, such as, "Most Sunday afternoons would find me on Stradbroke Island's Main Beach. You don't want anyone to be able to surprise you by showing up at your regular haunts.


Make sure that photos don't show your house, car, address or a venue that would help someone to track you down.


RSVP's website contains information  on Online Dating Safety. They cover such topics as:

Guard Your Anonymity

Keep your Personal Details Private

Meet when you are ready

Talk on the phone (mobile phone)

Choose a Safe Place for any meetings

Take a Friend Along

Don't Accept Lifts

Trust Your Instincts

Don't Get Financially Involved

How to Help Prevent Being Scammed

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