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After 10 Wonderful Years Serving the Redlands I have retired 

What do you do now? 

Contact David Walker and experience the same level of service, quality and dedication

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TPG Broadband Fast  +Great Price + Short Contract

"When a computer crashes there are 2 kinds of people. Those that say "Sure glad I backed up yesterday and those that say "Oh no, what about all my pictures, documents and emails"

Recommended Software


Used For


What Like About It

Anti-Spyware Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Does a fantastic job

Easy to use

The free version is good

The paid version is even better

Available at:


Anti-Spyware Windows Defender

Easy to use

It is an integral part of a fully updated Windows

Available at:

Go To Microsoft's website and follow the links to Downloads, Look for Windows Defender


Anti-Virus Nod32

Efficient at catching viruses and spyware


Does not hog system resources (does not slow computer as much as most of its competitors)

Reasonable Price


Communication Skype

Basically free phone calls (via the computer) to other people that have Skype.

If you establish a paid account Skype will let you call from your computer to land lines. The rates for this type of overseas call, are very competitive

Computer Cleanup CCleaner

This program helps clean all the junk files left on your computer. It does a good job, and saves heaps of time over the normal cleaning processes.

Downside: There are some things the program will clean that you may not want cleaned. So it takes a bit more then just installing and running. We would recommend that experienced people use this program, or that you have a professional install it.

Available at


Tutorial for using CCleaner


Multi-media Player VLC Media Player

While Windows Media Player takes care of most songs and movies there are times you have a multi-media file that it can’t play.

VLC is versatile and will open many different types of Multi-media files.

It is free

Photo Editing Adobe Photoshop Elements V4 and above Little cousin to Adobe Photoshop (industry standard)
Less expensive than Adobe Photoshop
Easier to use than Photoshop (but does have a learning curve)
Edit photos, remove red-eye, organize photos, create calendars, create slideshows
Very powerful program for the money

Additional Programs We Use

Disaster Recovery

Acronis True Image 11 Home

Imagine, in an instant you lose the PC data you've been accumulating for years? Your programs,  business files, photos, emails and music just vanish without any hope of being accessed again. Bad enough on a home computer, but a total nightmare if you use your computer for work. To avoid this nightmare, make sure you have a reliable data protection suite to image your entire system and thus get prepared for a possible hard disk failure, which in most cases happens when you least expect it.

Mango Computer Tuition has been using Acronis True Image for over 3 years and have used it to recover from a number of disasters. The program has saved us twice from full system failures. . Recovering from a systems loss could take days. Having an  Acronis Image the downtime was less than 2 hours, not days.

What's even better

After the Acronis Recovery our computer looked and acted just like it did before the disaster, another big time saver.


Some of the situations Acronis can help you recover from

Crashed Hard Drive

Corrupt Windows Files

Computer unusable because of Spyware

Computer Corrupted by a Virus


Acronis True Image 11 Home is intended for use at home and in a small to medium business It is a tool that enables you to protect and recover data on your PC. Its easy-to-use wizards walk you through the steps required to protect and recover your data and system information. It can save you from having to reinstall your operating system and other programs, along with preserving your data

The program features some other fantastic features which we will be testing and reporting on at a later date.


This software is currently selling for about $80.00 Australian.

Video Tutorial Backup Your Hard Drive With Acronis True Image 11

Acronis® True Image 11 - total protection of your data

Word Processing

(for typing letters and other documents)


Microsoft Word

Any version from 2000 upwards. Can't be beat for features and the compatibility of being in wide use. Available in a variety of Microsoft Office software suites.

The program is a bit expensive, but now you can buy a student version. The student version is less expensive. You don't have to be a student as long as you are not using the software for commercial purposes (things change so check the End User License Agreement). 

If price is a concern you may find an older version.  Often a friend has installed a newer version and has the old one lying around. In some cases it would be legal for you to use the older one on your computer (make sure you meet the legal license requirements for using it). 



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