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Tip Sheets

Mango has developed hundreds of Computer Tipsheets. Our Tuition customers love 'em.

A tipsheet, or computer tutorial, is a set of concise instructions for performing a task with your computer. From downloading photos from your camera to backing up your data. If you can do it with a computer we probably have a tipsheet showing you how.

Here are some tipsheets that you can use right away.

Disclaimer: Mango Computer Tuition makes every effort to ensure that these tips are safe and will not harm your system, but assumes no liability for any damage that may be caused by the use of the tip sheets. If unsure of what to do contact a computer professional.

20 Nov 2009 ISP Tech Support Numbers

Printable list of Internet Service Provider Tech Support Phone Numbers. For some Australian Sites

Print it our and have the number before you have a problem.


18 Nov 2009 DIY Broadband Quick Fix

If you cannot connect to the internet there are some things you can try before calling the computer repairman

5 Nov 2009 Using CCleaner

CCleaner is a free program used to free up space on your hard drive. It helps Windows to run faster. Safe and Easy to use.

5 Nov 2009 Edit Photos with Word 2007

If you own Word 2007 it's free and easy to get stunning

14 April 2008 Create Bullet and Number List With Microsoft Word


9 April 08 Disk Defragmentation


9 April 2008 Maintenance Schedule


24 October 2007 Internet Banking Safety


03 October 2007 How, Why and When of Data Backup


03 October 2007 Create Backup, With Genie Backup Manager  Adobe PDF File


06 September 2007 RSVP Online Dating


06 September 2007 RSVP Online Dating Safety


06 September 2007 RSVP Online Dating - Kisses and Stamps


25 July 2007 Dangerous Hyperlinks


07 July 2007 Using Skype To Call Regular or Mobile Phones Adobe PDF File


11 February 2007 Skype Free / Inexpensive calls  "What is Skype"


11 February 2007 Photos from Camera to PC  Adobe PDF File


25 October 2006 Reduce Spam


23 January 2004 Creating Document Templates


07 January 2004

Surge Protection


07 January 2004

Safely Remove Programs


07 January 2004

Disk Cleanup and Internet Explore Cleanup


07 January 2004

The Recycle Bin -  How to empty or restore


31 December 2003

Broadband Basics


15 April  2003

System Restore Can Help When System Goes Crazy 


23 February 2003 Lightning Quick Method of Printing an Existing Document (simple too)


14 February 2003 Microsoft WordPad™ A basic guide for using the powerful word processor that is probably already installed on your computer.


07 February 2003 Change the Names of  your Desktop Icons



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