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Dangerous Hyperlinks

Nothing like a bogus hyperlink to wreck your day.


What can happen if you click on a hyperlink?


What ever the creator of the link wants.

You receive an email, you're not sure who it comes from, but it looks both harmless and interesting. 

The email suggest you visit a website by clicking on a link. You look at the link, it says www.friendly greetings com you're familiar with this site, heck you have been using it for years to send online cards. Without giving it a second thought, you click on the link. Nothing unusual happens and you go about your busy day.

Weeks later your computer starts acting strangely and running slow. Maybe, there has even been an unauthorised withdrawal from your online bank account. The following may explain what has happened.

The link in the email looked harmless. It did in fact take you to Friendly Greetings, but it made a stop along the way. It was quick, happened in the blink of an eye. That quick stop was the start of your nightmare.

Think it can't happen to you

Try some of the links below. (It's safe they are just for demonstration purposes)

www.bigpond.com   www.microsoft.com  www.mangocomp.com  www.whitepages.com.au 

How Can I Avoid Dangerous Hyperlinks?

If you are not sure who the sender is you might consider deleting an email before you open it. Sure, you might delete a valid email but it's better than giving someone access to your online banking.

If you receive an email from a friend you should still be careful. It is possible to send an email in anyone's name. Some of the most notorious viruses send emails in the name of someone you know. If you receive an email from a friend see if it contains some bit of information to identify that it is from them to you. 

Are you addressed by name

Does he use his nickname or some other information that identifies the sender. "Hi George. It sure is hot on Ramsey Street today.

If you are George and your friend lives on Ramsey Street the email is probably legit.

If there is a link in an email such as www.mangocomp.com, rather than click the link you could open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer is an example of a Browser), and type the address in the address bar. Then you know you are going to that site. Of course if the web address is some jumble of letters and numbers you have no idea of where you will be going.




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