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Lightning Quick Method of Printing an Existing Document 

(As close to automatic as it gets)


Here is a simple idea that is a great time saver. 

The scenario:

Your sitting at your desk and your boss comes in. “Quick, print me a copy of the letter we sent to the Tax Office, they’re on the phone and I can’t remember what I said in the letter, I’ll wait here until you finish”.


 You go to your desktop. You open Microsoft Word® (or your favourite word processor). It seems to take forever to load. He’s tapping his foot and looking over your shoulder. Word opens and you open the document. The document finally loads. Now  you click the print button. He’s still tapping his foot, and you wish he would wait in his office until you are done. Finally the letter prints. He goes to his office. You hear a loud moan. The Tax Office got tired of waiting and hung up.


Same scenario, but this time you use your special short cut

You click your mouse four times wait 30 seconds and hand the boss the document.


 He talks to the tax office (they are still on the phone), the matter is settled, you get a promotion and a nice $$$$ Bonus



Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to your computer Desk Top
  2. Double Click on My Documents
  3. Locate the icon for the document you want to print
  4. Right Click on the document icon
  5. Choose Print
  6. Wait for the document to print.


This tip will also work with spread sheets and many other bits of data. Have fun spending the bonus.


Simple but Effective

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