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Tips For Using Microsoft WordPad™

A word processor is a program used for typing documents. 


If you do not have a word processor program such as Microsoft Word you can still type letters and other papers using WordPad. This program is included with most versions of Microsoft™ Windows.

Don’t let its being “almost free” lead to you doubting the power of this program. If you are using your computer in a home or hobby environment WordPad may be all the word processing power you need.

Simple Computer Glossary  

Click or mouse click A single click on the left mouse button
Double Click Two clicks on the left mouse button. The clicks should be done quickly, and you should be careful not to move the mouse when you click. Often used to open a program or document.
Right Mouse Click Click the right mouse button. A context menu will pop up that allows you to use certain shortcuts unique to the operation you are performing.
Select When you have selected text it will be highlighted. Once you have selected text it can be copied so you can paste it somewhere else

Open WordPad in Windows 95, 98 and ME

Click Start

Click Programs

Click Accessories

Click WordPad


Open WordPad in Windows XP

Click Start

Click All Programs

Click Accessories

Click WordPad

Using WordPad

The program opens to a blank page for you to type on. When you are finished typing the document you can save it, print it, or exit WordPad without saving.


To save: Go to the Menu Bar, Click File. When the menu expands click on Save As. This will open a box that allows you to choose where you will save the file and to name the file. It is probably best to save the document  somewhere in the My Documents Folder You will type the name you want to use in the second box from the bottom (labelled: file name).


Single click the save button and your file will be saved. It is not necessary to save all documents. Just the ones you will want to access at a later date.

To print the document:

Ensure that the printer is on Click File, then Click Print.  This will open the Print Dialogue Box, allowing you to print the document.

Making Changes,  New Documents,  Open Existing Documents

To make changes to the current document put the cursor where you want to make the change and type in what you want. You can use the delete key or the backspace key to erase words or letters you want erased.

To type a new document: Click File, then click new. If you haven't saved the previous document you will be given a reminder and a chance to save it. If you do not want to save it Click No.

To open an existing document: (one you have saved previously) Click File, then Click Open. You will be presented with a list of saved documents. Double Click on the document you want opened (or single click on it and then click open). The saved document will then be opened and you can print it, or make changes 

Copying and Pasting

Copying Text from a document to use in another document or in another place in the same document:

Drag the cursor to highlight the text you want copied. When it is highlighted Click Edit then Click Copy.

To place the text elsewhere: place the cursor where you want the text placed. Click edit then click paste.

This is just a quick look at a very useful program. It might be well worth the effort to spend some time exploring WordPad, and its many useful features.

Try WordPad. You may find that you have no need to purchase a more expensive word processing program. Although this is a simple word processor the techniques you have learned will be similar to those used in Microsoft™ Word and many other advanced word processors.

If the time comes that you want to upgrade to Microsoft Word™ 

contact us for a bargain price

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