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RSVP Tip Sheet

RSVP Online Dating

Update 05 November 2009

Our pages on RSVP were created a couple of years ago. Some of the information may be out of date. While this might not be a current guide it may still prove useful. 

Remember to always protect yourself. When online, Jack the Ripper could appear as Albert Schweitzer.

Very few profiles will say "I'm just looking for a sugar daddy. I'll pretend to love him and take his money" or "My wife left me, after the last beating , I sure do miss having a good woman in the house"

If your true love ask for money so he can come visit you, be wary! 

Is RSVP worth a go? Probably so. It is not a guarantee but we have met some couples that have gotten together via the service. 


Have you  heard about RSVP Online Dating, but would like to know a bit more before giving it a go? If so, you have come to the right place. This Tip Sheet will answer some of the questions you may have about RSVP.

What is RSVP?

RSVP is one of Australia’s most popular online dating websites. RSVP has over 1,130,000 members. Although aimed at Australia and New Zealand there are members from around the world.


Is RSVP an introduction / dating agency?

No. RSVP does not match you with a partner. It is a website that contains photos and profile information on its members. The profile is provided by the member. You search to find a person that you would like to know more about. You then contact them, through the website. Eventually you will either decide to meet them or continue searching.


Is RSVP safe?

If used properly, RSVP can be safer than going to clubs to meet someone. You must take some safety precautions, but these are not much different than the ones you would take if meeting an interesting person anywhere else. Click here to see an overview of Safety Tips

How Much Does RSVP Cost?

Joining is free. Searching profiles is free. It is also free to "Send a Kiss". There is a cost for further contact.  This cost is handled by using an RSVP Stamp. The cost of a stamp is minimal, and the use of stamps is controlled by you. There is no ongoing monthly obligation. Click here for more info on Stamps and Kisses

Does RSVP Work?

You be the judge, but RSVP's website states that it has be an integral part in over 900 weddings.

RSVP has adult members in every age group, their interest vary from bush camping to opera. Some are looking for life partners, some are looking for just friends. Besides the reported weddings many lasting friendships have been formed. 


RSVP Company History

RSVP is the trading name of RSVP.COM.AU P/L. The company was established in Sydney in 1991.

On July 8, 2005 the company was purchased by John Fairfax Holdings, the parent company for the Sydney Morning Herald. The price paid was reported to be thirty-nine million dollars.


Where can I go for further help?

Mango Computer Tuition can help you with most aspects of RSVP dating website. We can help you become a member, create and post a profile, and purchase stamps. Your trainer has been through the process and is experienced with RSVP. We have both male and female trainers available. They will help make using RSVP simple and fun.

Our service is available to residents of the Redlands Shire, Queensland, Australia. The lesson is fun and the cost reasonable.

See Mango Computer Tuition's Service Area

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Why Our Methods Work So Well


We, also, recommend spending some time on the RSVP website. See what others are doing and spend some time viewing some profiles.




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