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"When a computer crashes there are 2 kinds of people. Those that say "Sure glad I backed up yesterday and those that say "Oh no, what about all my pictures, documents and emails"

Genie-Soft Backup Manager 

The Backup Program That We Use

Data backup is important to Mango Computer Tuition. Conservatively, we estimate, the time we spent on creating or acquiring data to be in excess of 6,000 hours. Not wanting to  spend another 6,000 hours to recover from a system failure we needed a backup program that we could depend on. Genie-Soft met our criteria.

What we were looking for

Ease of use

After extensive testing we found Genie Backup Manager, by Genie-Soft met or exceeded all our requirements. As an added bonus the program is reasonably priced and available as a quick online download. A recent backup is an important part of Disaster Recovery. This program makes the back up procedure a simple process.

Mango Computer Tuitions Review of Genie Backup Manager

Ease of Use
The interface is easy to navigate, even for the computer novice. Tips and Hints are readily available. Setting up and running the backup is easy. Restoring is easy, but not as intuitive as  backing up. It is suggested that you read the documentation that comes with the program.

In our testing we created over 50 backups. When checking the data we found it to be intact and ready to restore.
In further testing we restored one backup, consisting of Outlook Express and a folder containing over 1,400 docs and PDF files. The restoration restored perfectly, including all emails and account settings. We were up and running in less than 10 minutes. 

Creating a backup job takes less than 10 minutes. Once created the job is saved, and you can automatically add a Icon to your desktop. To perform the backup you merely double click the Desktop Icon. The backup is done for you. Activating the backup is truly done with a double click. 

You can create as many different styles of backups as you want. At Mango we have set up a daily backup (for data that changes daily) and a Weekly backup (for data that changes less often). A Double Click of either of the Icons starts the job

When backing up without a good backup program it is difficult to backup your emails, desktop and window settings. With Genie-Soft it is easy and thorough. We especially like that once the job is created any new files or folders added to a backed up folder are automatically added to the backup.

What we didn't like
The program easily backs up your Internet Explorer setting but not Firefox. There is a downloadable plugin available for Firefox backup, but we would prefer to see it on the Main User Interface.

What We Especially Like
Once a backup job is created any new files or folders added to a backed up folder are automatically added to the backup job.
Genie-Soft offers free, downloadable plugins to help backup some of the more common programs that you might use. 

Further Thoughts On Genie Soft Backup Manager
The program is available in a home version and a pro version. We think the home version would suit most people, even small to medium size businesses.
A backup program is only useful if you use it and use it often

Genie Backup Up Manager Home ver 8.0 System Requirements

Hardware Software
Intel Pentium III processor or greater Windows 2000,  XP, Vista, Windows 7
512 MB RAM - 1 GB RAM recommended Microsoft Internet Explorer ver 6 or above
50 MB free hard drive space Flash Player

"The first thought we give to our backup is after disaster strikes"
The prepared ones think, "Sure am glad I backed up yesterday"
The others think, "Man, am I in trouble"



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Click Here for more information on Backing Up your data

Click Here for a PDF tutorial on using Genie-Soft Backup Manager

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