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Our Repair Service

Having computer problems?

If you live in the Redland City area of Brisbane call us 0425-622-102. We have been serving the Redlands since 2002. Our Repair Service is one of the reasons that over 50% of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We don’t just repair computers, we make sure that your computer is able to do the work you need done.

Our Repair Procedures

If the problem is easily repairable, it can be fixed at your home.

Not all repairs can be made in-home. This is due to the severity of the the problem and the fact that we can't keep all parts for all computers on hand. For this reason, we will need to take your PC or Mac back to the shop to conduct the repairs. You will be notified before any work is done that may exceed the estimate.

There is nothing hit and miss about our approach to repairing your computer

Firstly the tech will perform a physical inspection of the computer

All connections will be checked

The case will be opened and internal connections will be checked.

If your data is at risk we will recommend a backup.

Your computer is worth hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars, but your data could be priceless.

The methods and time involved can vary; we will inform you of the best procedure.

After your data is secure we will continue with the diagnosis of the problem.

The diagnosis will be made using industry standard equipment and software utilities

Once the problem is diagnosed we will either:

Make the repair (or)

If the repair cost will exceed the estimate we will contact you for instructions

We will offer our advice as to the wisdom of having your system repaired or buying a new computer.

If a repair was made

We will test the system to ensure that all is well

We will deliver and set up your computer.

We feel that our analytical approach and attention to detail help make Mango Computer Tuition the people to call for computer repair in the Redland City area.

 Our Repair Procedures were formulated by our Senior Tech, David

Click here to learn more about David


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