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"When a computer crashes there are 2 kinds of people. Those that say "Sure glad I backed up yesterday and those that say "Oh no, what about all my pictures, documents and emails"


"The first thought we give to our backup is after disaster strikes"
The prepared ones think, "Sure am glad I backed up yesterday"
The others think, "Man, am I in trouble"


Mango Computer Tuition Explains the

Why, What and How of Data Backup

Disaster is not an exaggeration. Losing your computer can cause some real heartaches. For the home user it can be the loss of precious photos and important letters. For the business user it can be the loss of all customer and accounting information.

Your Data is Priceless
Your computer system can be replaced with money. Your programs can be reinstalled, but what about your data. If you don't have a backup your data may be gone forever. 

One of the more boring aspects of computing is creating a data backup but the alternative is to lose your documents, emails, photos, music, email addresses, spread sheets, just about everything you created, received, installed or downloaded. This is avoided with an up to date backup.

A good backup plan will make it easier to:
Recover from a systems failure
Recover from a drive failure
Recover your data to your computer
Recover from the loss or damage of your computer

It is not a question of , if you will suffer a data loss. It is a question of when. 

How Prevalent is data loss.
It is common enough to have sparked an entire industry, dedicated to recovering data from failed systems. Data Recovery Services charge thousands of dollars to recover data, and they do not suffer from lack of customers.

A Sad but True Story
A couple returned from the vacation of a lifetime. They saved and planned for years. The two month holiday cost thousands, but it was worth it. They snapped over 800 pictures. When they returned home the photos were downloaded to the computer. The next day they were upgrading a new program, there was a glitch. The photos were gone. Everything was tried to retrieve the pictures, but no luck. Their options were to spend heaps with a Data Recovery Service or say good-bye to their memories. A backup would have saved the day.

Some Causes of Data Loss

Systems Crash Virus Infection Spyware Attack
Power Surge Hard Drive Failure Theft of Computer
House Fire Flood Accidental Deletion
A sneeze while manipulating files Child erasing files to make room for more music Windows Corruption
Inadvertently overwriting a file Anything that affects your computer's operation


What is a Backup?

Copying files from your hard drive to another location. Ideally not another drive on your computer.  


Where can I backup to?                       

An external hard drive

A network drive



A flash/thumb drive


What Should I Backup?

Documents Spreadsheets Accounting Data Photos
Music Videos Emails Email Addresses
Internet Favorites Window Settings Widows Registry Anything Important


Interesting Note: One CD can hold the equivalent to 30,000 document pages. How would you like to retype 30,000 pages? Backup and you won't have to.

How often should I backup?

The simple answer is as often as necessary to safely protect your data. It depends upon how important your data is and how often it changes.

At Mango we backup all changed files on a daily basis.

We back up all data on a weekly basis.

A home user might be safe with a weekly back up, while a business user should consider a daily backup.

My hard drive is just a couple of years old and it has never had a problem, do I still need a backup?

That's fairly common. We have a couple of 10 year old drives that are in perfect order, but have seen 2 month old drives go bad with no notice. The manufacturer replaced them but without a backup the data would have been lost. Remember a drive failure is not the only cause of data loss.


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