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I have Retired

I’d like to share some great news. David, my son, is now able to offer help with your computer problems. Many of you have met David, and have experienced his computer knowledge and helpful attitude.

Dave is more than qualified to look after you and offers the same dedication to service that I did. He has an A+ Certification in computer repairs, and has managed the repair department for one of the busiest branches of one of America’s largest computer retailers, CompUSA.

I wanted him to take over the business when I retired but he was too involved with university and overseeing installation of Aviation Flight Simulators at Archerfield. The simulators are now up and running and he will now be able to offer the same level of service that I did.You can contact David on 0425 622 102

All the BestLarry

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Mango Computer Tuition & Repair offers emergency assistance to both business and home clients 24 hours a day, every day of the year. As out technician have a work a normal schedule, a wakeup will be required. Please call the number below, twice if necessary and we’ll get up and out to your within 4 hours if your are within our mainland area of operations. Presently, our service is limited to our mainland clients due to difficult logistics.

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